The first sport, which are thinking want to lose weight is running. Its advantages are obvious – you don't need special equipment to run, Jogging can be made at almost any time, anywhere, the main thing – to buy a pair of quality running shoes. But running is not for everyone. If you have problems with the knee joints, be careful with the Jogging. And some people run simply don't like. Besides, for weight loss will not be enough a short 10 minute jog jog. To lose weight, you need to run long enough for 30-40 minutes at a speed of 8-10 km/h. Not the easiest task for beginners.
A great alternative to running is Cycling. If you still don't have a bike, immediately they get. In warm time of the year to late autumn bike will become your best "natural" trainer for weight loss.
Fat burning outdoors is faster than indoors. This is the main advantage of Cycling. For example, pedaling a stationary bike in a room with average intensity, for an hour you can burn 250-300 calories. If you go for a bike ride, reset 600-1500 calories. The pace you have a chance to get rid of 4-7 kg for 4 weeks.
Regular riding a bike boosts immunity, improves the cardiovascular system and increases stamina. Cycling not only helps to "melt" the stored fat, but to generate the thighs and buttocks, to give them a taut, athletic appearance.
To get the benefits and pleasure of Cycling, not necessarily to be a professional. Follow these easy rules and you will not only get rid of extra pounds, but keep in great physical shape.
Choose a bike with a comfortable seat that fit your figure. Sitting on the bike, you should feel comfortable. Raise the saddle to a height so that when the pedaling leg remains slightly bent. When driving keep your head down and look ahead. The load should be minimal. Regularly check how well inflated the tires and carry on Cycling the pump.
So the bad weather did not stop you to conduct a full cycle, it will not hurt to wear a raincoat and waterproof shoes. To hands stayed warm and dry, wear Cycling gloves. This will allow you to confidently hold the wheel and brake. Clothes "for the weather" reduces the chances of damage to the ligaments and allows the body to spend energy on heating, and on fast movement.