You will need
  • - adhesive tape;
  • roulette;
  • pencil and scissors;
  • soft cloth;
  • - floral spray.
Clean the surface of furniture from a wide variety of contaminants. Wipe it with a cloth or sponge with a hard layer soaked in a suitable detergent.
Unscrew the handles on the doors, if they fall into the place where you will affix the film.
Inspect the surface from different sides. From your care will depend on the quality of pasting. There should be no roughness, bumps, chips. If you find unevenness, fill it with putty and sand with sandpaper. Wood surfaces without lacquer over acrylic primer.
Remove the dimensions with the prepared surfaces of the furniture with tape. Go to the store for film. Keep in mind that rolls of self-adhesive come in different widths. Choose the right option, you attach the tape without excess need.
Put the specified dimensions on the masking tape on the reverse side. For ease of use there is already done the centimeter markings. Draw details with a pencil. Cut out the items with scissors or a paint knife on a ruler.
Type in a floral spray of cold water from the tap. Sprinkle the item of furniture that you want to begin pasting. Adhesive tape will slide on wet surfaces. This will give you time to smooth it, to avoid wrinkles and bubbles. If pasted items still formed a bubble, pierce it with a needle and immediately iron the cloth.
Separate the film from paper with one edge approximately 10 cm Apply adhesive to the surface of the furniture. Take in one hand and a dry, soft cloth and, while holding the roll, smooth the self-adhesive "Christmas tree" from the middle to the edges. Pull the coil down and expelled from under the film air and drops of water. If formed pleat, gently pull on the nearest edge and odliv it, smooth out the surface.
So stick all the cut parts of the film on the furniture. In the process of operation clean contaminated furniture soft cloth and detergent. You cannot use something that can scratch the surface covered with film.