Causes of pimples during adolescence

Usually teenage skin problems occur because lack of vitamins in the body, certain hormonal changes, wrong food. To identify the true cause of pimples on the skin, you should seek the advice of a qualified technician. Only after diagnosis of the condition of the skin and body of a teenager, the doctor can prescribe the necessary course of treatment.

In 15 years, perhaps, puberty is the main cause of pimples on the skin. During this period, boys and girls increases the amount of male hormones in the body. As a result, it causes formation of excessive sebaceous glands, which subsequently affects the skin of Teens with acne and breakouts.

Also increase the likelihood of acne on the skin of a teenager may lack in a young body that is vitamin A. it is required for optimal regulation of the sebaceous glands. A shortage of b vitamin may also negatively affect the skin condition. As a result, the pimples, and acne in this age is becoming almost commonplace.

Useful tips

In adolescence, as a rule, it is hard to get rid of acne completely, because its causes are not always external factors. There are often problems with the skin due to certain changes in the body. Proper nutrition, stabilization of a hormonal background and regular daily routines for the care of skin will help over time to get rid of this problem.

Do not forget every day to clean the face using special cosmetics. Acne during this procedure to lose the main causes of dust, dirt and sweat, which in large quantities are formed on the surface of the skin throughout the day.

After cleansing the skin experts advise to carry out the procedure under the toning. It perfectly affects the skin, visibly reducing the size and number of pimples. This procedure is perfect tonic lotion or tonic for problem skin. You can buy it in a drugstore or specialty store.

Teenage acne it is time to start to heal. To do this, use only quality cosmetics. To find the most suitable means to help cosmetologist. Also, a qualified technician give you valuable tips on caring for problem skin and prescribe a specific course of treatment.