Most often the term "id computer" refers to the physical address of the network adapter through which you connect to the Internet. The ID of your PC is not his name on the production network, as many might think. You can find your id very easy.
Open the "start menu" and click the left mouse button on the "control Panel". In the opened window, nIDthe icon of the computer with a check mark on the monitor. Make sure that the label is called "System". Double-click on this icon to open a window with the options installed on your PC operating system (if you like to use keyboard shortcuts, to call this window, press Win+Pause Break).
Go to the Hardware tab in the system settings window and click on the "device Manager", then you will see a window with the list of devices (both physical and software), running on your computer.
Expand "Network adapters" in the hardware list by clicking on the "plus sign" next to the name of the item.
Select the network card through which you access the Internet and click the right mouse button on the name of the window, thereby causing the context menu. In this menu, select "Properties".
Go to the Advanced tab in the preferences dialog of the network card, click next item Network address in the list below. If you find that address "missing", then follow the steps in the following paragraphs.
Use the key combination Win+R. In the window that opens, type cmd, and press Enter. You go to the command line. Next, tamp the ipconfig /all and again hit Enter. In the list that appears, locate the network card which is used for the network connection and read the value of the item "Physical address". This is the desired value.