For the work necessary to be reserved in advance with a hammer, chisel or metal tube that is circular in cross-section. The diameter of the tube should be about 40 millimeters.
First, set up a chair near the wall. Then stand with your feet on patrocle facing the chair and grip the armrests. Best of all, if you will attend the man who can insure at a possible fall. Swing chair in the sides for the armrests and slowly pull it up.
In the end, the chair should be separated from the gas lift. In this case, turn the star base gas lift and postukivanie down gently with a hammer around the edge of the gas lift. If this cannot be done with a hammer, use a chisel or metal tube. Remember - it is not recommended to touch the center of the gas lift. There is a mounting bracket, which is very sensitive to shocks.
Can also be another outcome of the events, it can separate the gas from the cross. He will remain in the rolling mechanism. Hold the chair so that gas lift was stuck down. Then try to shatter it with a hammer. You need to knock on the top step. Do this carefully so as not to damage the gas lift. He will slowly unravel and come out.
After the gas is separated, proceed to pulling the wheels. In rare cases when removing the wheels, and they pull with hands, the metal pin remains in the cross. To get it you can with the help of pliers. Return it to the place with a small hammer or manually. If necessary remove the rolling mechanism, Unscrew the four screws.
Before performing the disassembly of the office chair, it is recommended to consult with experts. Also please note - during self-disassembly you may lose the warranty.