You will need
  • The correct gas lift;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - rubber or metal hammer;
  • vise;
  • ring drift.
To replace the gas lift, it is necessary first to remove from it the piaster and the seat. To do this, turn the chair up the woodwork and using a Phillips screwdriver remove the four screws that secure the seat to the piastre. Then tapping lightly, preferably with a rubber hammer on the piastra, surmount it with gas lift. If these steps do not help, to remove the piastre, it is necessary to rotate the gas in a Vice regarding piastres.
Once you have removed the gas liftand seat and the piastre, it is necessary to disconnect the crossbar from the gas lift. Please note that the lower side of the gas liftand has fastening elements, which in any case can not be beat. In order to remove the gas lift without damage, use a special tool – ring punch. Gas lift and d-pad have a tapered connection. Knock out gas lift alone is unlikely to succeed without some skill, so it is better to invite someone to help me. Put gaslift between the two tables. One person to hold it, and the second will beat a heavy hammer.
Replace your broken gas lift healthy. Insert it with force into the hole of the cross. Put on gas lift casing. This must be done before gas lift is connected with the seat.
Screw the swing mechanism to the underside of the seat on the four screws of the front forward.
Now you need to flip the chair and put on gas lift him. Insert the gas lift into the hole of the swing mechanism and with a force push.