As with almost any piece of furniture, computer chair is sold unassembled. That is, you bring home a box of parts and detailed instructions for assembling the chair. These pieces of furniture usually are going on their own, without calling the specialists, as usually the instructions is quite enough even for those who have no experience in this type of work.
Before Assembly, inspect all parts, namely, quantity, quality. Check that set forth in the specifications. Check the back seat, patrocle, all screws and elevators, as well as all other parts. To collect better knowing that everything is in place and of appropriate quality.
Start Assembly from the bottom. Take Petrucci, wheels and install them all in patrocle until it stops. You will hear something like a click.
Now we need to install gas lift in patrocle. On the Elevator from top to wear special cover so that the narrowest Cup your case was at the very top of the lift, and a wide Cup, respectively, at the base of the chair.
Gas lift can be a special plug that manufacturers of computer chairs sometimes wear in order to gas the elevators were not revealed spontaneously during shipping or during Assembly of the chair. Before installing in patrocle gas lift in the presence of this plug it must be removed.
Continue on to the armrests. Firmly fasten it to the seat with special bolts. If you screw the armrests firmly enough, later they will loosen and may even break.
Further work with pestroy seat. Install it in a permanent, pre-selecting the distance between the back and seat. Then fix permanent using a long screw.
Install seat with armrest and backrest on a gas lift. Check the operation of the gas lift immediately. If you pull the lever towards you, the chair will fall.
It remains to combine the permanent with the back, to adjust the lateral tilt of the chair, the most suitable for you and your computer chair ready.