Before starting, unpack the chair and be sure to check all the necessary details, inspect them and verify no damage. If during inspection no defects and the quality of the parts that you like, you can go to the Assembly.
Insert the wheel into the crosspiece. This can be done manually, just harder to put pressure on them until it clicks. If that doesn't work, put the spider on a flat surface and using a small hammer gently tap the wheel to drive it into the grommet. The blow should be applied between the spheres of the wheel. Ensure that the plastic is not cracked.
Next, insert into the center hole of the cross gasparon (gas lift) and put on a decorative cover to a wide was at the base of the chair, and narrow at the very top of gasparone.
After that, proceed to the installation of armrests. In most models they are mounted on three screws (one long and two short). If the fastening portion of the metal armrests, it is best when mounting, the screws to install the washers-grower, this will help prevent them from loosening. Loosely tighten all the screws so they hit the thread, or to fasten the armrests to be very difficult.
Insert the area into the mechanism of the seat and secure it using a large screw (lamb). Then put on the area the back of the chairand aligned, secure it with the screw less.
At the end of the Assembly sit on the chair and pull the lever up under the weight of the body he sat down, and stood up with a little make – up. If this does not happen, check gasparon, it can be a special cap that protects it from arbitrary disclosure during transportation or Assembly of the chair. Also see whether he twisted the lever, perhaps it lands on the button gasparone when pressed.