You will need
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - flat screwdriver;
  • - hammer;
  • a stub for mounting the wheels;
  • - if you require a replacement d – pad and the gas lift.
Disassemble the chair. First remove the seat, turn the chair a cross-piece up, remove the screwdriver the four screws that secure the seat and separate it from the PT. Piastra connects the seat of the chair and gaslift, it is designed for height adjustment of the chair. Lightly tap with a hammer on the piastra, surmount it with gas lift.
Remove the spider, which is attached to wheel, with gas lift and pull the wheels from nests. To remove the cross, put it between two tables, and then gently knock the gas lift the heavy hammer. If replacing the d-pad is not planned, proceed carefully, so as not to damage it with a hammer. Locate in the center of the joint ring with five tabs that secures the plastic cover with a flat head screwdriver will pry, and pry the edge of the shroud, slide the shroud and remove the edge of the ledge. This procedure guide for all five covers.
Remove the plugs from the steel body. Insert a new one into the housing of the junction. Put each of the five covers back on the rays of the cross braces, secure them to the tabs of the retaining ring. Install the wheels in the new plugs.
Assemble the chair back, setting a new piaster and gas lift, all actions spend in the reverse order.