You will need
  • Conventional and rubberized hammers, chisel or metal tube, screwdriver
When disassembling office chair may need conventional and rubberized hammers, chisel or metal tube of circular cross section with a diameter of 30-40 mm.
Install a chair near the wall, become the legs on the crossbar facing the chair and grip the armrests. Let the assistant insures you against a possible fall. Pull the seat over the armrests up, swinging it in different directions.
If the bed is separated from the gasand turn the star base gas lift down and hold the weight just above the floor, tapping with a hammer around the edge of the gas lift. Use a chisel or a metal tube in the case if the hammer is not reaching the edge. Tapping it gently, trying in any case not to fall on the center of the gas lift – there is a bracket, shock-sensitive.
If the gas separated from the crosses, but remained in a swinging mechanism, hold the chair with gas lift down. Raskatayte his blows of a rubber hammer on the top step, reaching out of the swing mechanism. Gas lift will be slightly loose and out.
After separation of the gas lift, remove the wheels. Sometimes when removing wheels hands metal pin remains in the cross. Remove it with pliers and return to your seat with a hammer or manually.
If you need to replace the swing mechanism, Unscrew the four fixing screws and remove the mechanism.