You will need
  • Open-end wrench.
The classic wardrobe consists of the following parts:
seat and backrest when the sofa is unfolded, become a sleeping place;
- side-arms that may be missing in some models;
- the base to which everything is attached.
The whole structure connect fasteners, bolts and nuts.
To proceed to the analysis of classic sofa design "book", you need to raise the seat, placing his back. There will be the first fasteners. Remove the nuts using the key and remove the seat. To get to the fasteners of the back of the sofa will have to be removed of the sidewall armrests. After this will only remove the nuts holding the backrest. All the wardrobe is dismantled. Separately the details of even the impressive size of the sofa become mobile and go through any corridors and doorways.
There is one more modern, a slightly modified form of the classic sofa-books – evroknizhka. This model has a more wide surface of the bed, and the presence of drawers for clothes. This sofa more comfortable during operation, however, due to the improvements of the model reduced its mobility. Sleeping place in evroknizhka rolls out from under the seat, so the removal of the subject itself, with roll-out mechanism. The Foundation, unfortunately, most of the structures are not subject to discrimination.
After the removal of all accessible parts of the sofa should be wrapped with stretch film. It will protect the lining and mechanisms during transport. If you doubt their capabilities or do you have something does not work, you can contact such a service, transportation of upholstered furniture, which workers provide services indiscriminately.
Despite the fact that modern sofas are assembled and disassembled in pieces, as children's designer, some models of sofas design "book," dealt only with special tools. In some models, all fasteners are hidden under the skin, which is attached to the bracket. In such situations, analysis of sofa can only be a specialist.
If you can't find a specialist on analysis of the sofas, and he you did not succumb, the only one to carry the sofa assembled. All existing boxes and removable cushion is to pack separately. The rest of the design must be securely mounted and wrap with waterproof material. For this approach a couple of rolls of stretch film.