You will need
  • of the figure;
  • - the range;
  • pencil;
  • - building level;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - brush and roller.
Pick the picture you want to see in the room. Measure the wall on which you apply it. Format the picture on the computer or by hand. Select the mandatory part, which will be on the wall, the remaining portions can be a bit cropped.
Apply to drawing a grid to transfer the image onto the wall. The more small details you want to display, the finer the cell need to do.
The wall under the painting should be well prepared, that is puttied and sanded. Necessarily their Prime and dry them before work. Walls that already have Wallpaper for painting, ready for drawing.
With the help of a level which looks like a big ruler and pencil to mark the wall. Draw on it the same mesh, which drew on the picture, observing all the proportions.
Carefully transfer the entire drawing to the prepared wall. Pererisovyvali the image from each square of the picture with a pencil. For vertical lines use a ruler or a plumb line. If the picture has many of the same elements, for example leaves on trees, grass, tile, mark the General outline of their location, and the detail will accentuate and draw in coloring.
Paint the resulting picture on the wall with acrylic paints. The closer details of the picture, so they must be larger and brighter. The remoter composition, the part is smaller and paler. Often move away from the wall away and see what you get. Even better to periodically photograph the figure below to evaluate the image.