You will need
  • - interior paint.
  • - brushes of different thicknesses;
  • - solvent;
  • - adhesive paper to create stencils;
  • - an x-ACTO knife, blades, scissors;
  • paper for the formation of sponges;
  • - foam;
  • pencil simple;
  • - eraser;
  • - contour.
Make a pencil sketch of the flower on the prepared wall. You can choose a simplified motif, which is used only a few pure colors, but this technique allows you to show your artistic talents so you can draw complex Bud wrapped or swaying in the wind petals.
Proceed to the staining, use familiar and well-mixed interior paint. Do your job like you draw on paper placed on an easel. Start with the upper part of the figure, so as not to lubricate the hand in the paint, set aside the little finger of the working hand to the side. To obtain the shades transition from one color to another, use the palette.
Create a pattern in stained glass style. To do this, draw a wall-flower with clear boundaries petals, stamens and leaves. Circle them with paint or a special circuit, the main thing that the line width was approximately the same on all parts. Let it dry completely.
Complete paint the surface of each part, do not apply brush on too much paint to avoid drips. Try not to put a color on the contour. This way of decorating the interior is especially good if there is a need to create a floral motif enclosed in a geometric shape, e.g., round, oval or rectangle.
Use the stencils, they allow you to quickly floral motifs without transitions from one color to another. Duct tape or special paper, draw flowers with clear contours of the individual parts, cut away areas which are subject to shading.
Glue the paper to the wall. Roll of foam rubber puff. Ink nesekretnye zone, try not to fall onto adjacent areas. Leave to dry, remove the accessory paper.