Initially you need to decide what exactly you want to draw, and how your drawing will be combined with your interior. Often this combination is achieved through the color palette. In other words, if your room is in beige-brown hues, then, for example, poisonous green would be inappropriate.
Next the idea is better to put on paper. So you can work out all the details, and the picture on the wall will not require corrections that do not so easily.
Once you have painted your masterpiece on paper, it is necessary to make a preliminary sketch and measurements. Will be very upset if your drawing will not fit on the allotted space, but a simple pencil and ruler will help you to avoid this.
The next big step is paint choice for printing in color. It is feared that the paint can leak, and then your creation if not fully lubricated, it will be ugly streaks. Therefore, when choosing paint, pay attention to what premises is wet or dry, internal or external. In some cases, you can use gouache, it becomes most resistant when mixed with PVA glue. Sometimes the amount of jars we need paint too large, in this case, you can buy white paint and color different colors.
Also decorate the walls of your home can not only major figures, but also different patterns. Now it is very relevant Chinese characters or patterns-webs. The roughness and irregularities of the wall you can use to your advantage: make the figure volume fully or partially. These drawings look more interesting and to successfully hide the irregularities of its surface.Thus, it is easy to experiment with the design of your home. Familiar Wallpaper gradually fade into the background, and do not be afraid of innovations.