You will need
  • is the picture with which it will figure
  • pencil
  • - line
  • - ground acrylic
  • - acrylic paint
  • - brush
  • template purchase
  • - tracing paper or plastic for a homemade template
  • - a sharp knife
Find a picture or ornament that you want to see on your wall. If you can draw, you can move your picture on the wall, you will not be difficult, just looking at the picture. Otherwise, do not worry, pick up a ruler and a pencil. Divide the figure into squares, the same number of squares, draw on the prepared wall.
Carefully inspect the wall where you plan to draw. If the wall is covered with plaster, the pre-Prime it with acrylic primer to your paint, well kept on the surface of the wall. A good option if the wall is already paintable Wallpaper. They do not need anything to cover, and you can immediately draw.
Pick up a pencil and using the picture, apply the pattern on the squares. Filling each square on the wall must correspond to each square in the picture. Thus, the whole of your drawing will be transferred to the wall.
Use acrylic paints to paint the figure. They are water-based, odorless, great for work indoors. Acrylic paint, dilute with water to your desired consistency. Texture paint for drawing on the wall should be average. Liquid paint can leak, and thick paint is difficult to spread. Acrylic paints mix well with each other, you will not have problems with shades. After drying paint does not need anything to fix, they are not erased.
For drawing small drawings use templates. Template you can cut yourself or buy at the store. When you cut a home-made template, use tracing paper or thin plastic that when in contact with the paint pattern is not soaked. Pin the template on the wall with masking tape. Apply the pattern with a sponge, which will remove the excess paint. If the sponge is too wet, the paint can flow under the stencil and spoil the picture.