Go to your (or another user's) Facebook page and click in the box to create new records on the wall (the box with the text "What's new with you?"). It will increase in size, and with its right edge you will see an icon that resembles the shape of a camera.
Click on this icon. Opens a browser window displaying the folders on your computer. Select the desired folder (e.g. C://My documents//My pictures) from this folder, select the picture you want, click on it with your mouse and click "Open".
You will see a draft of your message: the thumbnail images, under which there is a button "Send". Click on it with your mouse and your picture will appear on the wall.
In addition, you can also select a photo from already uploaded in your photo albums. Again click in the text field "What's new with you?" - immediately after this under you will see a link "Attach". Click on it, and will unfold a list asking you to choose what you want to attach (graffiti, photography, video, audio, document, survey). Click "Photo" in a separate pop-up window will display thumbnails of all photos that have been uploaded to your albums. Select by clicking on it once. Then kliknite Attach.
In the social network Classmates.<url> no walls as such, but your new uploaded photos will be displayed in the feed. On the main page of the site under your name you will see a field for entering text (status). Under it there are links to "Status", "Photos", "Links" and the button "Share with friends".
Click on the link "Photos" and open your browser window that displays the folders on your computer. Select the photo you want, click Open, and thumbnail pictures will appear on the page. Click "Share with friends". After that, the picture will load and you will see "Friends will see information in the Tape. Go to the photo album "Different".
The photo is uploaded in your album "Different" (default album).