The law does not prohibit a person listening to music in his apartment, but strictly stipulates the time when you should keep quiet from 23 p.m. to 7 a.m. The rest of the time you can turn on any audio device, but their volume must not exceed the specified state standard level. GOST prescribes the permissible noise level from 28 to 79 decibels in the daytime and 18 to 72 at night.
How loud can I listen to music
Remembering own right to listen to music, do not forget about the right surrounding for a relaxing holiday. In addition, in neighboring apartments can be a small children, the sick, the elderly. Disregard for the rules of decorum may result in the visit of the district, fine, but tired from the constant noise of the neighbors can apply to the violator of the privacy of their methods are not always humane. In the extreme case, make the apartment good soundproofing.
A great outlet for music lovers, headphones. Choose a quality device that blocks out external sounds so that you don't need to constantly increase the volume, and you will not disturb others. However, you need to remember that even short, but regular listening to very loud music leads to irreversible weakening of hearing and problems with the vestibular apparatus. If the sounds from your headphones to hear people at a distance more than a meter from you – turn it down. Moreover, the loud, rhythmic music can affect the nervous system, leading to imbalance, inability to concentrate, headaches. So, if you value your own health, peace, family and good relations with neighbors, listening to favorite songs at maximum volume it is better to refuse.