Radiation from Wi-Fi does have some irritant effect on the Central nervous system and the brain. It manifests itself in fatigue, irritability, headaches and insomnia that occur as the result of inflated electromagnetic background. The radiation frequency of the Wi-Fi router is 2.4 GHz, which is approximately equal to the frequency of microwave ovens, however, still less several thousand times.
Accurate evidence about the dangers of routers Wi-Fi has not yet been received – however, as evidence of their absolute safety. If a person is worried about their impact on your body, it can at least limit your contact with your laptop or smartphone and follow a number of recommendations, which are given by specialists in electromagnetic waves - this will help to minimize their effects on the body.
If the Internet is not used when a person is at home, a Wi-Fi router, unplug it from power. Sleep on it-enabled access point is strongly not recommended – however, as work at a very close distance from her. Street Wi-Fi are usually placed in public places, so the source of electromagnetic radiation is far away from the man, making its impact minimal. However, to hide from the radiation still will not work, because the modern metropolis is literally riddled with a network of electromagnetic waves.
If Wi-Fi works on your phone, it should either be included as needed or not to keep constantly beside him – and especially not to sleep with the source, placing the phone on the adjacent pillow. A stationary router Wi-Fi it is desirable to place in the middle of the apartment, trying to choose a location maximally distant from the places of permanent residence of the people living in the apartment. Since all models are Wi-Fi routers allow you to adjust the radiated power, it is not necessary to put the most powerful level to obtain a quality signal – if it is quite normal, should be satisfied with his average.