For lovers of expensive hotels and outstanding service to the most suitable hotels in the southern part of the Peninsula, Alupka, foros, Yalta, Simeiz. However, it's not always you will enjoy the sea. First, even in the height of summer the water warms up enough. Second, for families with children there won't be a comfortable environment, because the sea has no great depth. But all this kompensiruet magnificent views and wonderful nature.

For those who want to swim in the warm sea, to bask in the sun and breathe the dry air, it is recommended to go to the West coast of the Peninsula. In Evpatoria, Saki, Storm, Mizhvodne and Nikolayevka offers affordable hotels and resorts. The sea is almost always warm, the coast is shallow, the beaches are equipped very well, the boat landings are well appointed.

Lovers of extreme conditions and active sports will get maximum enjoyment during your vacation on Cape Tarkhankut. Every year wanting to visit here more and more, so you have to try to find a free patch for their tents. Minor inconveniences fully reimbursed the deep and clear sea – a Paradise for divers.

If we fail to stay on the black sea, look for a place to stay in a tent in a New Light, Gurzuf, Solnechnogorskoye, Crimea, Partenit. The conditions there are not worse, and the influx of lovers of camp life ("savages") less.

The most comfortable weather in the Crimea lasts about a month: from mid-June to mid-July. The sky is clear, the sea is clean, the temperature is pleasant. At another time in Yalta, for example, can be very hot and humid. In August in Evpatoria and Feodosiya from the steppes frequently blows dry warm wind, in the sea in the Western part of the Peninsula in a large number of jellyfish, and poison the rest of the bathers.

If you want to go to the Crimea for treatment, the permit is recommended to buy already in late winter – early spring. People with diseases of the respiratory organs, it is useful to come to the Peninsula in the spring. If you have problems with the cardiovascular system is considered the best vacation in the Crimea or in the middle of June, or in early autumn.