On the southern coast of Crimea is subtropical Mediterranean climate, which is influenced by the sea and the powerful protection of the mountain ranges. In the Central part of the Peninsula and on the North and West (the steppe Crimea) dominated temperate continental climate, due to flat terrain. In the mountains moderate climate conditions, the main feature of which is the high humidity. The annual duration of sunshine in the Crimea varies from 2180 to 2470 hours.
The Crimean summer

Summer comes into its own on the Crimean Peninsula in early may. To this period of the blossoming of the trees and shrubs all around is immersed in greenery. The weather remains changeable and unpredictable in different areas, what are not ready tourists. In most parts of the Peninsula remains the hot weather, in the middle of summer the temperature reaches +33оС day and drops to +24C at night. This part of the Peninsula are deprived of rainfall, in contrast to the coast. Frequent rain showers are no surprise. The sea water warms up to +24C, creating the most comfortable conditions for the bathing season. At the seashore in the middle of summer high temperature of 35 ° C, but from the sweltering heat of rescues sea breeze. Summer in the mountains is accompanied by regular rainfall and cool fresh air +27оС.
Winter in the Crimea

Already by mid-autumn Peninsula empties – ends the autumn season and winter is coming. About the harsh winter in the Crimea, no one heard. On the coast even in the middle of the cold season, the thermometer kept at around +2 ° C and can reach +5C. In this part of the Peninsula sustained snow cover is rare. Most familiar to local residents of rain. The mountainous territory of the Crimea in winter is covered with snow up to 30 cm in height, and the air temperature drops to + 4oC.
Weather the off-season in Crimea is changeable and prone to cyclones. Spring comes quickly or gradually replaced by winter. Frequent night frosts prevent the spring to come into full rights. Autumn is the most favorable time of the year. The summer heat is replaced by warm and dry weather. Nature abounds in vivid colors, mesmerizing eyes. Lower the temperature starts in November.
Crimea is an amazing place, which combines various natural and climatic zones. On site everyone will be able to choose the area in which he will be comfortable and well. The Peninsula has long been a favorite place of many for rest and treatment.