Install the Board to the press at any angle. Note that the steeper the angle of the Board, the more elaborate the lumbar region. Start to exercise for strengthening the abdominal muscles with 20 repetitions of each exercise. Every day, add one additional repetition. That is the second workout perform each exercise for 21 times. Bring the number of repetitions to at least 35. The greatest load exercise on the inhale and on the exhale, relax and return to starting position. Exercise possible, smoothly, without jerks.
Take original position. Lie on your Board, feet secure straps or put under a special crossbar. Hands interlock behind head, elbows spread them apart, knees slightly bend. Perform sit-UPS. Make sure that the lower back was pressed firmly against the Board. Then do crunches – pull your upper body alternately to the right knee, then to the left.
Lie on your Board sideways to do a side twisting. The upper part of the body above the waist should extend beyond the edge of the bench. Do flexion movements at the waist up and down. This exercise perfectly shapes the waist, makes the mill more slender. Then, perform the twisting with the rotation. Repeat exercise on other side.
Roll onto your back, keep your hands on the Board. Raise legs, bending them at the knees while lifting. Then slowly lower and straighten your legs.
Lie on your Board with your head down. Lock legs and begin to lift the hull. When it is perpendicular to your hips, round your back maximally tensing the abdominal muscles. Lock position for a few seconds and then slowly lower. But do not touch the back of the bench, keep tension.
Sit on the edge of the bench. Holding hands over the Board, lean back a little. Bend legs at the knees and slowly pull them toward your chest. Then straighten your legs and pull them in front of him. Return to original position.
Avoid eating at 2 hours after a workout. You can eat in half an hour after school with an Apple or a banana.