You will need
  • Mat, small game ball
Sit on the floor, bed, pre-Mat. The legs clamp the ball, bend your legs, feet at the same place on the floor. Lean hands on the floor, putting his hands under the shoulders and slightly bent elbows. The back should be straight, shoulders flattened, and the chest is expanded. In the rest position, take a deep breath. On the exhale, straighten your legs up and squeeze the muscles of the abdomen. Pull the feet as close to the torso without bending the knees, pulling the socks up and trying to keep a straight back. Fix your attention on the ball – it needs to be firmly squeezed by the legs. In this position, take a few breaths, concentrating on the muscular tension of the abdomen. Return to starting position.
This exercise should be done as many times as I can, but resting after every 2-3 approaches.
Stand on the Mat on your knees, knee joints make an angle of 90°. Palms lean on the ball. Back straight, the head does not throw back, look at the floor. In the original position, inhale, as you exhale lift your knees off the floor at 5-10 cm Balance by leaning on the ball. The arms are straight. The stomach does not relax, feel the tension of abdominal press, or get a strain of the lumbar spine, threatening further pain. Hold yourself in this position up to 10 seconds while breathing smoothly. Repeat 4-5 times with a rest between sets. Each day increase the time balancing on the ball, until you bring it up to 1 minute.
Lie on your back. The ball is sandwiched by the knees with legs bent. Arms stretched along the body. On the exhale, slowly pull your knees to your chest, not releasing the ball. Your pelvis off the floor keep your head to pull the ball. No sudden movements and jerks, all smoothly and slowly. Repeat as much as you can.
Lie on your back, interlock your hands on the back of his head. Hold the ball with your legs. Lift the straight leg off the floor and try to hold them at an angle of 20-30° for 20-30 seconds. Keep your lower back from the floor. Breathe smoothly. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.