You will need
  • - powder two tones
  • consultation Laura and surgeon
  • tutorial on the exercises for the face
A radical way of dealing with a hump - rhinoplasty, or plastic surgery of the nose. It is performed only by qualified specialists in medical centres and cosmetics surgery, under General anesthesia. The procedure is not cheap, requires preoperative preparation: the consultation with the doctor-Tippet, for example. The effects of surgery in the form of swelling and bruising are held on average two weeks.
If surgery is contraindicated or undesirable, you can try to remove the hump and alter the shape of the nose using face gymnastics system Carol Maggio. However, exercise only works if the hump is formed of cartilage, not bone.
To disguise the hump on the nose, to make it less noticeable help of the usual decorative cosmetics. Only need to apply it correctly. This should be applied to the back of the nose a darker shade of powder, and the wings of the nose - lighter. Then blend the powder so that the color transition was imperceptible.