You will need
  • makeup and dark light shade.
Select a beauty salon which has positive reviews. Find out whether it is used in modern drugs, such as Restylane, Botox, Radiesse. They allow you to change the shape of the nose without surgery. Multiple injections and patient admiring her own reflection. The injections make the nose straighter, to even the annoying hump to make the nose a little snub, and so on.
Be sure to ask to do the test for anesthetic used for pain control. Don't worry, the procedure is painless and takes very little time, because there is no need to make incisions and stitches. The injection is done after applying the anesthetic, and the procedure lasts about twenty minutes. In a day, you'll be able to return to normal rhythm of life.
If you need a drastic correction of the nose, then this method will not work. With the help of injections it is impossible to radically change the nose, lengthen or shorten it. However, small issues are fixed very easily. Consult a doctor-cosmetologist to find out your chances.
Tune in to result and be not afraid. Before visiting the salon, wash the head and thoroughly clean the face of makeup. During the procedure, relax and try to think positive. Be prepared for the fact that the result of the procedure lasts no more than one year, after which will require repeated administration of drugs.
If you are afraid of surgery and injections, the one thing remains: to adjust their appearance by resorting to the services of a professional stylist. The right makeup can work wonders. Find a professional who will help you with this.
If you have too wide nose, it can be made visually narrower. You need to put on his back and on the nose concealer light shade. The wings of the nose while obscured by a dark Foundation.
In that case, if you think your nose is too long it is necessary to visually shorten. This can be done, causing the nose light tone that gently goes into the dark, extending to the tip. To visually reduce the nose will help lush fringe.
Below the nose is not conspicuous, it is possible to draw attention to another part of the face, for example, to shade the eyes and lips. Do not overdo it with makeup – it should be pleasing to the eye, not to cause fright.