Advice 1: How to deliver maximum pleasure to the man

Every woman living with a man, wants to do everything they can to make the man's life even brighter and more beautiful, surrounding it with love and care. Deliver pleasure to the man with whom you live, is simple – you need to show all his love and femininity, showing the man that he is your protector and support. The man will be grateful to you for your care and attention, so you should know exactly how to make your partner pleasant.
How to deliver maximum pleasure to the man
If you really love your partner, you need to know about his preferences – for example, about how he likes to spend his free time, his favorite music, TV show or radio station, about his favorite hobby and passion, what food he prefers.
Try to surprise the man – prepare for him a romantic evening with all his preferences. He will be pleasantly surprised that you are so attentive to his interests and Hobbies included his favourite music and made him his favorite desserts.
Don't forget to say compliments is not only their privilege, but yours. Every man will be pleased to hear the words of admiration and praise from the woman.
Let him know that he is the real head of the family, which depends on harmony in the home and your well being. Allow yourself to be weak – let a man look after you, care for you, to make important decisions.
Cook the man his favorite food, surprise him a varied and exotic cuisine.

A good way to deliver male pleasure will be erotic dancing or a romantic setting in the bedroom.
Let the man to relax – make him a massage with aromatic oils, offer him a bath with candles. Be creative – this will help to always maintain the relationship at the desired level.
With great success you can caress eyebrows, eyes and eyelashes (7 points). And if you put a hand in his hair and you gently touch her hair at the nape (5 points), he closed his eyes in pleasure like a cat being stroked by mistress.
Useful advice
Remember with nothing comparable pleasure when you first did a facial massage. Imagine as men who are lucky enough to feel on your face the touch of magical fingers of the female, described their experience as "heavenly."

Advice 2: What not to say to a man in bed

Some women prefer to have sex silently, and some not averse during intimate games to whisper something in the ear to your partner. But all words need to be careful.
What not to say to a man in bed

Unnecessary recognition

Found in life a situation when a couple is living together in sin the utmost frankness in regard to each other. This is usually common in men, but modern women today have become to imitate them, without fear of the jealous partner. A retelling of erotic dreams and fantasies, admiration for famous actors and bodies of Hollywood stars can easily pull a man off balance.

Don't need to mention in his presence of their former husbands and lovers, emphasising their man relevance, particularly if your current men have problems with erections. Also never admit and do not flaunt their infidelity and participation in group sex, for example, at corporate parties, otherwise the reaction will be fast and can reach even domestic murder.
Too candid impressions better shared with a doctor-sexologist or therapist.

Taboo words and expressions: what can not speak

Regular offers just lie down together without sex quickly discourage them to do. A man is not likely to understand that you are tired and just decide that it is not interesting to you as a lover. He'll probably remember for a long time and will look for another partner.
If you really are tired, explain it specifically and clear.

Offer women the light on, especially repeatedly, may not like the man. Men love with their eyes and they like to look at naked partner.

Offer fend for himself and finish with a banal Masturbation when Nude partner is nearby, capable of cooling to you of almost any man.

Do not praise your partner and don't call him the best, because it will be perceived as compared to the previous, and certainly not like your partner.

If you don't want a man ejaculated in you, warn him to sexual intercourse, but not to the point of male orgasm and discharge.

Do not bother with the suggestions to talk to after reach, because the man relaxed and lethargic for a while and may not support your proposal.

Don't ask, went there already in you a man, because he certainly will think about the lack of size of his manhood and it will lead him, as his cock, in a deep state of depression and sexual impotence.

"Oh him, well done!" Be careful with such phrases and do not carry stories porn in real life. What you see on the screen for half an hour, sometimes lifted by the day. And the few who loves to obey commands.

"Is that all?" − this phrase can mentally kill any man, because he decides that he tried in vain for you.

Don't ask if he loves you, and whether you are together because it just knocks you off your rhythm, and do not exclude the desire to run away, taking an armful of things. Such conversations lead out of the bedroom.

If you shout during sex, and you can hear outside, try to do it in the pillow, otherwise the man could be awkward.

Advice 3: How unusual it is to deliver the boy fun in bed

Great sex is the "glue" which hold the relationship. It is very important not to turn sex into a routine, try to diversify them. Sometimes you just forget yourself and to give pleasure to the partner.
How unusual it is to deliver the boy fun in bed

Train and develop

To surprise your man in bed is enough to develop intimate muscles. There are a number of basic exercises that improve the muscles of the vagina. If often to do these exercises in the future you can try to bring the man to orgasm only with the help of intimate muscles. At first, sufficient maximum strain and then relax the muscles throughout the day. It should be done not less than two hundred times a day. An advantage of these exercises is their simplicity. To fulfill their at any time — stuck in traffic, sitting in the office, while doing household chores. After a month of regular exercise, your man will notice an unusual change in the intimate sphere. It is especially useful to do these exercises parous women.

Don't be shy!

Emancipation in bed — the key to incredible sex. If something prevents to relax, try to eliminate it. Take care of your body if you hesitate to have sex in the light because of its imperfections, buy sexy lingerie, which will give you confidence.

If you want to truly please your man, often do him a Blowjob. This kind of sexual touching like almost all men. Make a Blowjob special, for the eat this before the mint is not the only cause of unusual sensations in men but also prolong the subsequent act because the mint or menthol reduces the sensitivity of the head of the penis.

Don't forget that men love with their eyes. Therefore, make sure you choose a pose for sucking. Many men love it when their partners sitting on their Breasts, leaning forward. This will open a wonderful view.

Consider the scenario of sexual games. Roleplay the patient and the nurse or the rich owner of the house and the maid is a great way to spend an evening in an unforgettable setting. The sex that accompanies this kind of game, is incredible. Consider all the little things. Take care of proper lighting, toys that you will use, and the suit in which you appear in front of your partner. Do not use continuously the same script, improvise in the details.

Remember that the emancipation of women even with the flaws (most of which are usually far-fetched) is much more interesting perfect beauty who undress only in the dark, and prefers to make love in the missionary position, keeping absolutely silent.

Advice 4: How to make a man pleased in bed

The fair sex be useful to learn how to make a man pleased in bed, not having much experience, and to deliver to him a real pleasure. Harmony in sexual life is the key to building a strong and lasting relationship.
How to make a man nice photos
To understand how to make a man pleased, you need to learn more about the sexual preferences of your partner. It is enough to talk to him about it and ask to tell him about the fantasies, desires and preferences just sex. Don't be afraid to hear something that you may not like it. You can do just interested or friendly wonder. Be sure the man like you are interested in his preferences in sex.
Do not rush to immediately start doing the man a nice view of his desires and preferences. Moreover, you do not need to discuss with him the script of your future behavior in bed. Let him think that you are still the woman he already knows. At the same time, you should try to prepare men for an unforgettable surprise. Select any suitable day. You can even give a man an unforgettable evening in the middle of working week when he would come home tired and would not even guess about what you were up to something.
Start your script in accordance with what is sexy temperament of your men. If it is a passionate and energetic disposition, gave him a lingering kiss on the doorstep, slowly take off his clothes and bomanite for a bedroom or bathroom. If you want to make the guy nice, but he's being typically modest, float leisurely flirting, meeting his mysterious smile and flirting eyes, beckoning for him.
You have a right to make a man happy if you will be able to realize at least one or two of his secret desires, about which he told you. Here we should forget about the unnecessary modesty and soul to want to give your faithful an unforgettable act of love. If a man is not alien to the sense of beauty, you can make the atmosphere more romantic. Rest assured, if you have not used even a seemingly banal candles, light music and wore sexy lingerie, it can make a real bombshell.
Constantly train your skills how to make a nice favorite. Today on the Internet there are many websites with instructional videos on various aspects of sexual life, where simple and clear, and, most importantly, clearly explain how to act in different situations. And if your darling wants to diversify your sex, you can examine that information with him, constantly experimenting in bed. Then you must succeed to bring her husband pleasure.
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