It should be noted that men like it if a woman shows to her best as she likes exactly what the partner does in bed. So more sounds: whisper, shout, moan, and don't hesitate. But are not limited to this, look at your man and a languid passionate look, that he felt the best and favorite.
Pay special attention to intimate hygiene, in particular, intimate haircuts, at any time and be ready to contact. In addition, the knowledge that you have everything in order, will give you more confidence in myself (and this is important).
And something without which it is impossible to exactly bring to mind man compliments, because even the most beautiful and courageous men need praise and encouragement. Make sure that your partner feels valued, supported and endorsed (especially during sex). Gently whisper in his ear that such a tremendous sex you have had. Then, without a doubt, you will win his heart and drive him mad.
The theory has been said enough but practice? Where to start? It is best to start your affection is with a light relaxing erotic massage that will help you get properly attuned. Kiss every part of his body, do not ignore oral and touching. You do not need to be pinched! You are a big girl and should understand that the bed is not the place where there are some restrictions and taboos. In love there should be no fear, no prejudices.

Sometimes it is fashionable to afford a little abstinence from intimacy. Don't hesitate, waiting only fuels the desire. However, keep in mind that to delay this too need not feel a certain edge.
Another important point, which may occur in the sexual life is anal sex. What man does not dream to engage in this kind of sex, because, first, it is forbidden, accordingly, stimulating, and secondly, men experience more vivid emotions during anal sex. While loyal to the preparation and use of additional lubricants this kind of sex can be pleasant not only for men but also for his partner.