You will need
  • USB cable from the phone;
  • - computer with iTunes installed.
Download pictures, like most other activities on the Apple iPhone by means of special programs. One of them is free iTunes, which you need to install on your computer.
For convenience, all the photos you plan to upload to the phone, it is better to collect in one folder. Connect your phone to computer and open iTunes. Select "iPhone" under "Devices". Go to the "Photos" tab and click the checkbox "Sync photos from...".
Next, choose the desired folder and sync the iPhone. After synchronization is complete, unplug the telephone, go to the folder "Albums" - there should be a new section "Archive". It will be saved and uploaded images.
Delete photos from iPhone is also deleted music. It is necessary to open the device in iTunes, go to the "Photos" tab and uncheck the box with more junk folders. Then you need to sync your phone. And the photos in the camera roll can be deleted directly from the phone by pressing the trash can icon when you open an image.