Photo stream is a collection of photos and videos that are on the Apple. With the help of photo stream you can share photos with friends and relatives from anywhere in the world.

For example, you can create a photo stream "Holiday in Venice" to share with your spouse and work colleagues and gradually add the photos there. No more flash drives, and other inconveniences - your friends will be able to see pictures on your computer, iPhone or iPad, as well as comment on them or add your own photos, of course, if you let them.

You can also include special photostream called "My photostream". It stores all the photos you have made over the last 30 days. To add to it anything - it is only needed to enable you to recover photos in case of loss of phone.

To use photo stream on iOS go to "Settings" - iCloud - Photos (photo Stream in iOS 6) and turn on the streams.

To use photo stream on a Windows computer install the iCloud control panel.

To provide access to photos create a new photo stream (via the standard Photos app), and then bottom right click "Users" and add your friends. Here you can include the menu option "Open web site" and get a link to where anyone can view your photos from any device, such as a computer running Windows.

Adding photos from PC is no different from copying files to a folder. For iOS devices there is nothing too difficult - similarly to sending a photo via iMessage, select a photo and send it, but not in "Messages", and "iCloud".

Users of iOS 7 devices in the Photos there is one photo stream called "Activity". It automatically adds all new events from all the streams (photo, video, comments).

And, of course, the streams, there are limitations:
1. You can create up to 100 streams.
2. Each stream can store over 5000 photos.
3. Limitations on the number of add per hour/day/month (see "Limitations of photo stream" at the end of the article).
4. Photos are added to streams immediately, but only (which is logical) when connected to 3G, wifi or sync with iTunes. So, while on vacation or business trip, book a room unlimited Internet or frequently visit cafes with free Wi-Fi to your precious pictures are always kept safe.

To add to the video streams is only possible with devices with iOS 7.