Go to menu of your mobile phone. Open the application on which the file resides. For example, if a photo is "Photo" if the file "Music", etc.
Expand the file by touching with a finger or stylus across the screen. Again click on the image. Bottom right corner you'll see the option "Functions" - click on it. Select "Transfer" and "Bluetooth".
You will see a list of previously paired devices. As a rule, indicate the name of the phone or just his model, for example, NocC6. If you do not find the desired destination, click "Search". The system will automatically search for all active devices within 10 meters. Locate the desired recipient and press "Send".
After that, the recipient phone will receive a request confirmation to receive data. Sometimes you need to keep the password; it needs to correspond to a digital code, which was previously introduced by the sender (default is 0000).
If you want to transfer multiple files at once, make notes. To do this, open media, open the folder, e.g. "Pictures". At the bottom of the screen you will see the line where is the image show, click on it. Then, touching the pictures, select the files you need (they will be marked with a checkmark).
Click on "Functions", click on "Transfer" and "Bluetooth". Select the recipient and send.
Once the files are transferred, disconnect the Bluetooth as battery consumption with the active option is faster. You will also protect you from phone scams that viruses are transmitted via Bluetooth.