You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - iTunes;
  • - The Apple IPhone.
Prepare the video file for watching movie on IPhone. The video file must be mp4. To convert, use a special app for that. For example, to use Plato Video To iPhone Converter. You can download it at the link from official website manufacturer. Install and run the program to prepare download a movie on IPhone.
Select the folder that will contain the converted video. To do this in the program window click on the Browse button, in the opened window specify the path to the desired folder on the hard disk. In the upper right corner click on the plus sign. In the dialog box, specify the path to the movie you wish to convert to the Apple IPhone.
Click on the desired file, click Open. The program supports practically all known video formats to convert movie for IPhone.
Leave the settings in the Output Settings window, those that are installed by default. If you wish, you can change them, for example, for obtaining the best quality, or minimum size of the video file. Click on the big round Start button, wait for process to finish the conversion. Its duration will depend on your computer power, and the size of the original video file.
Open Itunes, connect your phone to the computerto copy the movie on the IPhone. Go to menu "File" select "Add file to library", then specify the path to the file that you have converted. Click the "Open"button.
Go to the menu "Devices", click on the name of your phone in the right part of the window go to the tab "Video". Check the box next to "Sync video", and the names of the video file. Click the "Apply" button. Copy video to IPhone completed.