Calm down and analyze what happened without strong emotions, look at the situation from the outside. If you have changed, think about why it happened is there in this and share your guilt? Perhaps you have paid insufficient attention to its second half, was with him or with her rude, unjust, cruel? Maybe you showed enough respect or love that pushed your husband or wife to take this step? Perhaps cheating is revenge on you for something or a cry for help, a sign of psychological problems, emotional distress your partner? Remember that every action has certain reasons, so do not rush to label the guilty person in front of you.
Calmly talk to you has changed your loved one. If you understand that in this situation is your fault, tell him about it. Ask forgiveness for that, for example, has devoted too little time partner, promise that henceforth you will behave differently. Forgive him with concealed malice, it will be hard to restore normal relations.
After clarifying the causes of the incident, ask a husband or wife, does he (she) future prospects of your relationship? If your other half wants to rebuild relations, move on to further action to strengthen marriage.
Don't go talking to treason, refrain from accusations, not to discuss and not condemn this act with other people, you did for a loved one. It is not necessary to strengthen control over him, do not seek to limit his freedom, your relationship should be built on complete trust each other and mutual respect. Yes, it's hard but otherwise you'll never get rid of the shadow of infidelity on your marriage. And adjust their behavior if it was the cause of the infidelity.
If you have changed, wait until the emotions subside your partner, try to calmly talk to him to explain the reasons of your betrayal. Don't lie and don't try to blame others – drugged, seduced, etc., it is better to acknowledge their mistakes and promise to continue to avoid them. Tell me what you learned from this situation a valuable lesson that you understand how you value your relationship. Of course, all this is relevant only in the case if you really want to save the marriage.
Not try every day to atone for your guilt armfuls of flowers and expensive gifts, do not take the role of the offender, do not do that which was not peculiar to you sooner. So you will constantly remind your loved one about their infidelity and to cause him only irritation and distrust. Act natural: open genuine feelings, warm words without flattery and lies, your honesty and devotion to family – all this will be surely appreciated.
If you feel that you don't love your spouse, be honest, tell him or her about it. Trying to restore the relationship for the sake of common decency, while continuing to lie and be hypocritical, you are even more confused, and your marriage will collapse sooner or later forever.