Understand that life is difficult, often unpredictable and full of temptations which all must be ready. Love, betrayal, trust or notrust, betrayal and much more - all the laws of human relations, the laws of life. Cheating is the next stage in the development of relations. This difficult stage, you need to experience together. This is the point at which or the couple will learn to understand the feelings of each other, and it will unite them, or understand that the relationship is exhausted and they need a new one. Be not engaged samoedstvom, and try to understand the situation.
Be consistent. If we have done something wrong, be ready to answer for his action. Ask forgiveness, even if you had a good time with another man. Terminate the relationship with that person, not just a promise, and break. Want to regain trust is to stop trying to cheat.
Sometimes you have to postpone the showdown. Let the wife worry and emotional distress. Don't rush and don't rush things, start with a gradual approach. Understand that the one who changed, who betrayed much harder and heavier.
Think about it and make sure you both want a relationship, that reconciliation is possible and that you want both. Loving people can always understand each other. After all, cheating is not necessarily a sign of "dislike".
Talk with your spouse. You must learn to tell her husband, even about very unpleasant things, because they're hurting us. Believe me, it's not that hard. And you men need to learn to speak and listen. Not to judge, not to accuse, not to "stick labels" and try to understand and help. To listen, to understand, to accept not only the good but also unpleasant moments. Together analyze the reasons that led to this act. Cheating man shows his partner that there are problems in a relationship are not satisfied with something in the partner or his behavior. Just understand that you are worried about, poisons your life, you can learn to act responsibly, and thus build on the relationship.