The city-resort of Belokurikha in 2013 recognized the best resort city in Russia where you find large resort hotels and hotels of different class, and small cozy guest houses. Belokurikha is popular not only with mountain beauty and pristine rivers, but also unique by rodionovym sources.
To get to Belokurikha is easiest from Barnaul, Novosibirsk or Gorno-Altaysk. In these big cities have international airports, which accept all types of boards, including Boeing.
Rail service to the resort is not, therefore, from any of these towns to the sanatorium will have to go by bus or car. Federal highway M-52 is quite comfortable, so even a 4-hour bus journey from Novosibirsk is not a burden.
From Barnaul to Belokuriha no more than 3 hours away. You can take a taxi at the airport. The average price of a trip of 3500 rubles on the city bus to get to the bus station near Victory square 1, and then buy a ticket for the Shuttle bus that runs every hour. The price of the trip – 270 RUB.
If you fly to Gorno-Altaysk, use taxis. Rooms they often do not have, but the windshield always has a sign "City of Altaisk-Belokurikha". Normally bus runs every hour, but when the Board sits, the range of motion is greatly reduced. In less than an hour you will already be at the hotel. The price is 220 rubles, a taxi will cost 1200 RUB.
Those who travels exclusively by train, you will have to take a ticket or to Barnaul or Biysk. And then the already described way to get to the resort.
If you arrive at the resort tour, it is likely that the resort will provide Shuttle service (service is the "Tsentrosoyuz", "Belokurikha", "Katun", etc.) – is a large comfortable buses, admission to which is your resort voucher. Often these buses pick up passengers at the airport, then at the bus station and then sent to the destination.
You can rent a car in Novosibirsk or Barnaul and move on it not only between cities, but also in the Belokurikha resort area is small, walk there on foot, but the beautiful surroundings and nature of the Altai mountains can be viewed.