Get the approval visa at the Embassy of France. Tahiti is part of France, however, a Schengen visa for entry to the overseas territories of this country is not suitable. For a hassle-free visa requirements book your hotel in Papeete. Your documents will be reviewed and issued at least 10 working days from the date of submission, as the Embassy makes a request to Tahiti.
Get a transit visa for USA as more or less affordable for the money flight is possible only through the territory of the United States. In Los Angeles the aircraft, as a rule, makes technical landing.
Get the transit visa the European countries through which will be based on your route. Most likely it will be Germany or France.
If you are not a Muscovite, buy a plane ticket to take a flight from your hometown to the capital.
Buy a ticket for one of the international flights from Moscow to Papeete. Departures are made 3 times a week - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.It is served by many airlines such as Air France (connecting in Paris). If you can't find a suitable option of flights by the French airline buy ticket for flight "Aeroflot" to Los Angeles and airline ticket Tahiti Air Tahiti Nui" to Papeete.
Buy a ticket for one of the domestic flights, which follows the route Papeete - Isle of Bora Bora. Such flights are performed by two local airlines: Air Tahiti or Wan Air. The cost of such flights is the flight Cost is 255 euros per person both ways.