Currently, there are only two options to get rid of the tyres which had already served. The first option is to take your tires to the plant for processing used tyres, second in points for recycling old cars.
In large and medium cities there are special factories which recycle old rubber tyres. Such enterprises are equipped with production lines where the tires are processed into crumb rubber, which is the raw material for the roofing materials, various coatings (industrial floors), rubber products for various purposes, and much more.
To take tyres at such plants can both legal entities and natural persons, restrictions in this plan. However, there may be a limit on the minimum number of tires. If you are in the city (in the County, to be exact) there is a plant for recycling tires, it is possible to store old tires in your garage, and then all the time to recycle them.
In addition to the restrictions on the number of tyres to pass, there are other difficulties that make this option not very convenient for most motorists. Plants for processing of tires are usually outside the city, and the truck is not every car owner to take back a whole batch of tires.
The second option is to take the bus to points of recycling of old cars. Such items are usually tires take along with utilized vehicle, but, in principle, with their employees and you can negotiate. However, it will have to pay.
As you can see, both ways of getting rid of old tires have more disadvantages than advantages, which, unfortunately, many car owners did not use them, preferring the bus to leave on the nearest dustbin. The majority of car owners would be glad to take the bus, not to throw them out, so as not to harm the environment, but few people want money for it to pay.