In General, the cost of the car includes the cost of the tires. Accounting tires that are in stock, produce by type (cameras, tires, rim tape), varieties, sizes and technical condition (new, repairs, used, waste).
To streamline the accounting get the registration card tires which fix the garage number of the tire size, the manufacturer, make and license plate number, the date of installation or dismantling, the mileage of the tire, reason for exit from service, and also indicate the rate of mileage from the date of acquisition to the full depreciation.
Via these cards keep track tires from the moment of commissioning to her decommissioning. Tires that are removed from the car to the scrap or for repair, Prihodite to the warehouse invoice with the appropriate account on the card. Posting is made by materially responsible person under the bill of lading in the form of TTN-1 or on invoice TN-2. She writes the provider in the manner prescribed by Ordinance of the Ministry of Finance.
Holiday tires from stock make the on-demand mechanics, and considering the control function of the card where a mark that it is issued is removed and inventoried in the warehouse.
If the tire goes to the scrap, make sure the registration card, she has signed the Commission, the chief engineer or supervisor. This card will be an act of write-off of the tyres.
When new, renovated and restored tire failure before warranty mileage, the Commission sets out the reasons for early exit. If the reasons of production, make the claim. Then send these tires to the manufacturer along with the card account and according to the act. The manufacturer shall within one month to consider the complaint and communicate its decision by sending a single instance of the conclusion. Then produces a free replacement tires.
On the bus, which came after the restoration, get the new card account. The release of tires that are required for the replacement of unfit produce under the act-requirement to replace, only if they pass the shot of the car tire to the warehouse.