How long to cook corn?

Determine what class includes purchased corn. There are both special grade, suitable for human consumption, and feed used for animals. How much time is needed to cook corn on the cob food grade? As it is more soft, enough 30 minutes. But more than hard feed will need to cook for a long time - 2 to 3 hours.

If you purchased at the market or store corn and just saw the house that the cob there are colored fine grains, it is better not to use it. This grade is intended for cooking popcorn.

Lovers to experiment can use an interesting method of cooking corn in the oven. RUB the cobs with butter and wrap them in foil after putting a twig of dill. To give a spicy flavor, you may lightly RUB the corn with garlic.

How to cook a vegetable?

Determine the cooking time of corn, select a method of preparation. When cleaning ears, it is desirable not to throw out the sheets. Better rinse them under running warm water and then lay on the bottom of the pan. On top you need to lay on the cob, then pour all the water.

Put the saucepan on the fire. When the water boils, it is necessary to add salt (to taste). To give the corn a more intense taste, spicy and delicious flavor, you can add water with a salt small amount of spices, for example, a sweet bell pepper.
Not to be mistaken with the choice of soft corn, pay attention not only to ears but also to the leaves: they should be bright green and undamaged.

Properly corn should cook in a thick-walled pot because the time of its preparation takes quite a long time. The lid should be sealed tightly. Very good to cook the cobs in a cast iron pan. It also allowed them to cook in the microwave or in a double boiler. Very simple to cook corn in a pressure cooker - it saves time and force. This method of cooking will not take more than 5-10 minutes.

We must note that corn right after it cools down starts to harden and become rigid. Therefore, it is desirable to bring to the table cooked corn hot, immediately after cooking. To ears long retained its pleasant aroma, unique taste and softness, you can spread them with butter. Gourmet can be fed corn, sprinkle it with grated cheese.

How to cook the old corn?

If you saw that in the center of the grain dimples, then corn on the cob old. Boil them, of course, possible, but they will be tough enough, regardless of the method and time of preparation.
To cook fresh corn is much easier, because it's tender and cooked quickly.

If you throw out those cobs you don't want to use in their cooking tricks. To cook the old corn should be the same as the young. The only difference is in cooking time. If the cob you have spent only 2-3 days, they need to cook only 20 minutes longer. However, for cobs that have been stored for a whole week, you will need to increase cooking time to 1-1.5 hours.