How to choose corn

Order food from corn turned out delicious, you need to select the young grain. Better to take a slightly immature ear. Such corn can be purchased in summer season (in July or in late August). When the corn becomes ripe, it is better not to eat.

Buy only untreated corn because it stays fresh much longer and juicy. The leaves should be good to braid corn on the cob, green and fresh. Grain new corn are the same, have a light yellow color. The younger your corn, the sweeter and more fragrant get food from it, because the sugar in it has not had time to turn into starch.

Clean the corn immediately before cooking, otherwise it will dry up and will not be as juicy. Cooking corn is possible in various ways, for example, in the pan, a microwave oven and a double boiler. You can also bake the corn in butter in the oven.

How to cook corn

You will need:

- corn - 4 PCs.;

- garlic - 1 clove;

- butter - 50 g;

Sol - 1 tsp.;

- thyme, Basil - to taste.

Cut-out of parchment paper and foil in the required number of pieces the size of corn on the cob. Butter remove from the refrigerator: it's got a bit to melt. Clean the garlic and chop the thyme and Basil wash and finely chop. Cream the butter and add the herbs, garlic and salt, mix well.

The corn, remove the leaves, hairs, rinse, and then dry and coat the corn with oil mixture, then wrap each in parchment paper and then in foil. Put the cobs on a baking sheet, and then send in the oven for 20-30 minutes at temperatures up to 220 degrees.

Also corn can be prepared not only in the oven, and for example, on the grill. Then it will acquire a pleasant aroma of smoke. To butter, you can add favorite spices, which will provide the original taste. The thus prepared maize can be eaten by itself, and use as a garnish, for example, or BBQ meat.