Remember when you saw the lost thing the last time. So you can immediately exclude some locations from the search area. Ask friends and family members to recall when they have seen your lost item in your hands. Perhaps they noticed where the hands put it.
Look for the house. Often lost items are in plain sight and waiting to finally find. First check the places where you often use this thing. Lipstick may be on the floor near a dressing table and a ring on the rim of the basin where you put it before washing hands. If you've already lost this thing, remember, where it was possible to find her. Search sequentially rather than randomly. Trying to find a paper document, examine all the folders and the boxes, fingering the paper over the paper. Most often, the thing you do not see from just above eye level. Therefore it is necessary to check the high shelves and the top of the refrigerator.
Inspect all the clothes. Pockets sometimes turn into warehouses of lost things. This particularly applies to outerwear: changing a coat for a winter jacket, you might have forgotten to check the pockets. Earrings are often found in berets and hats or get tangled up in knitted scarves. Penetrante all clothes recently worn, and turn it inside out. Worth a look even in footwear.
Visit again the places where you've been lately. If the item was found by someone from the staff café or club, it will be stored in the locker or the senior Manager. About the left on public transport things you can learn, take a trip to the final stop, where is the depot.
Contact the city Desk finds. There include found objects wipers, as well as employees of public transport after lost items will stay in the depot or at the station for 10 days. Unpaired stuff in the lost & found is not sent, so look there one glove is meaningless. Strange things also surrender to the police, so you should call to the district station.
Advertise on the Internet. In the network there are many sites where you can leave your response and see others. It "", "", "", "". Using Internet search, beware of fraud. Do not include the announcement of characteristic symptoms things and don't transfer money to a foreign account as the rewards before you receive your item.