To go to the village to Moskovsky bus station in Minsk, located on the Filimonova street, 63. Bus route No. 113с pulls away from the station from 05:15 to 00:20 hours every 25 min End-stop flight is located in the village of Forest - stop "TB dispensary". The route follows from the Filimonova street on Independence Avenue, collapses on a street in Volgograd, and then goes on Logoysky tract and the highway passes "Borovoye" in Borovlyany and arrives to the village Forest, which is located in 3 km from the village and is the final destination.
This bus also departs daily in the path of the bus flight number 145с. Going the same route as the bus # 113с, but the final stop is "Cancer research Institute". The bus goes from 05:20 to 20:36 hours every 20 min.
From the railway station, which is located at the Privokzalnaya street, 3 daily departs Express bus. Flight 115э lands passengers from 05:15 to 23:48 and goes with an interval of 32 min. the Final stop is the stop "Center".
With dispatcher station Karbysheva is located in the Logoysky tract, travels to the village of Borovlyany bus number 143. The operating time of vehicles from 05:36 to 23:56 hrs Comes out on the flight on weekdays, every 25 minutes, on weekends every 50 min.
A trip to Borovlyany is carried out taxis. Bus number 1151 daily from 06:47 to 19:33 departs from the bus stop "DS Friendship" every 20 min. Should be street railway, turns on Surazhskaya street, and then goes on Moscow street, Independence Avenue and a street in Volgograd, passes through the Logoysky tract and the highway, arrives to stop the Borovlyany "District hospital". The end point of a flight — stop "TB dispensary".
Bus number 1409 departs from a stop "Victory Square", located on Independence Avenue, from 06:40 every 10 min to 22:30 hours.