If you already have a solid level of training and immediately threaten serious training, go to the film Institute. Just start with courses at the Institute. There is a direction called "Courses for development of professional programs", where listeners are encouraged to get an education in the direction of "Photographer". But despite the seriousness of the institution, here you will be given a certificate of completion, which is not a certificate of education. It can become a kind of additional points, if you are going to do to VGIK, cameraman Department faculty, where, in particular, there is a course on photography.
Private universities try to keep up with demand for the occupations, and then look for the desired Department from them. For example, the Institute of humanitarian education and information technologies this Department has. It is separately taught discipline - the art of photography, taught 4 years full-time, evening and correspondence courses and 3 years for those who receive the second higher education. If as much time to spend on learning photography you don't want go to College at the Institute, where there is also the Photography Department.
If you have a higher education and you want to retrain or learn new ones, take a swing at the faculty of photojournalists in Moscow state University. University. Over two semesters you will receive a true master class from the guru of contemporary photography, learn not only to photograph, but learn the whole prepress in the media that will give you the opportunity to work Bild-editor. Training course on paid.
For those who do not aim to work in this field and just wants to learn professional photography, it is better to do a photography course. Whether such training is that the course is gaining by the experience level of the audience. For example, you need to learn how to shoot a DSLR, or are you interested in the secrets of the Studio for filming, or you do make your first steps in photography – all the details and wishes will be taken into account.