Advice 1: How to make a title page in English

The title sheet in English language is practically not different from the design in the Russian language. You also need to specify the name of the school, the faculty, your specialty, discipline and the subject of the work, your name and the name of the teacher, and to affix the bottom of the page the current year.
How to make a title page in English
You will need
  • - administrator rights.
The top of the page, specify the name of the school in English. For example, The University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy. If you don't know how to write the name of your institution in English, please use the search on the Internet or an online translator. At this point in time quite a lot of them in the network.
Enter the name of the faculty and specialty. Humanitarian Faculty, specialty "English". You can use different names as text editors allow real-time to see all events and in any place to change the information, so unable to test.
In the center write to Report on the course "Phonetics" (the message on the subject "Phonetics"), and then the name of your work — for example, "Northern Languages' Phonetics" (phonetics of the Northern languages). The name is used to allocate a larger font. It is also worth noting that you can use different types of fonts, and size. We should not forget about the print format that allows you to output information from computer to paper.
At the bottom of the title page, write information about yourself: III year student (3rd year student), JJKK-8 group (your group), Vasilij Frolov (Frolov Vasily). Please enter all characters on the keyboard. Check with the methodical study the rules of formatting the cover page in a foreign language. Perhaps your school has special requirements for provision of this information. Ask for a sample for review. This pattern can be reprinted, and you can just copy using the scanner on a personal computer.

Advice 2: How to make a study of the English language

Office English language must be different from the rest of the cabinets. After all, he is "little abroad" for students. The teacher just needs to convey the spirit of the country. This approach not only can increase the motivation of students to study strange foreign language, but will also contribute to the emotional development of the child.
How to make a study of the English language
The interior of the Cabinet should be carefully considered. Traditionally, the front wall of the Cabinet is chalkboard with folding brim or screen. The regular school Board can be replaced by modern interactive, then there will be no need to equip the office with other teaching tools.
In the study of the English language must be teaching AIDS: TV and DVD player, music centre. They can be used to overcome a number of difficulties the perception of English speech by ear. But all this equipment can replace the computer. Although in many schools of our country, such training facilities are not available, but if they are, it would be an unforgivable mistake to neglect them.
On the free part of the wall place the reference tables and the alphabet. This exposure may vary, depending on the class and subject classes. The side wall (exposure) used to house the workers thematic and commemorative benches. However, the area of exposure should be reduced to the minimum required for multiple classes. On the same wall, place the country of the studied language. If possible, install in the office lightweight portable stands for removable visual materials.
Pay special attention to the arrangement of desks in the office, because the primary purpose of the course is still learning to communicate in a foreign language. Agree that it is difficult to communicate to the person sitting for the first batch with a friend who sits behind you, and even at the end of the study. So the desks are best arranged around the perimeter. Better yet, if the Cabinet is equipped with a large round table. Psychologists say that the "face to face" helps to remove the language barrier, stimulates discussions and Poliakov in English.
An integral part of the office of English language is a book Fund. He is a member and scientific-methodical literature for teachers and literature students. Free access for students must be dictionaries (bilingual, idiomatic, special), textbooks, exercise books, books for extracurricular reading, the translation works of English writers and poets, Newspapers and magazines in English.
Try to make the office of English language bright, but with taste. And the more effort will be invested by you in the registration office, so it will be easier for your students to learn a foreign language.

Advice 3: How to write the name in English

To fill any form, document or questionnaire in the English language, whether it's a registration form at the hotel or money order, requires a knowledge of transliteration, that is, rules for writing proper names. Remember the English equivalents of the Russian letters, you will be able to write any name or surname in English.
How to write the name in English
Many English letters and Russian alphabet are the same sound, using these letters simply pass the name. For Example, Anna – Anna, Valentina – Valentina, Denis – Denis.
The following letters have a correspondence in the English alphabet:
AA – AA – Alina- Alina;
BB – Bb-Boris – Boris;
VV – Vv -- Vic – Victoria;
Gg – Gg -- Gosha – Gosha;
DD – Dd -- Dima – Dima;
ZZ – Zz -- Zarina – Zarina;
AI – Ii -- Inna – Inna;
KK – KK -- Ksenia - Ksenia ;
Ll – Ll -- Larissa - Larisa ;
Mm – Mm -- Maria – Maria;
NN – Nn -- Nina – Nina;
Oo – Oo-Oleg - Oleg ;
PP –Pp -- Pavel Pavel;
RR – Rr – Novel- Roman;
SS – Ss-Stepan – Stepan;
TT – Tt -- Timothy – Timofey;
Uu – Uu -- Uliana – Uliana;
FF – Ff -- Fedorov Fyodorov.
A particular difficulty with call letters not present in English alphabet. Hard and soft signs do not write at all, for example, Olga – Olga, Darya – Darya, Igor – Igor.
Pass the letter s and the letter y: Alexey Lysenko Aleksey Lysenko, Nikolay Isaykin – Nicolay Isaykin.
Instead of the endings of the third and fourth write one letter from: a wild - Luty, Dmitry - Dmitry.
The vowels e and write e same - E: Vera Lebedeva - Vera Lebedeva, Eduard - Eduard, Etkin – Etkin.
The letter E also play with the letter E: Semin – Semina, or YO, when it is necessary to emphasize the letter: Pyotr – Pyotr Fyodor – Fyodor.
Russian letter Yu say YU or JU: Yuliya – Yuliya Juliya, Yury – Yury, Jury.
The letter I write YA: Yakov – Yakov, Tatyana - Tatyana.
W pass combination ZH: Zhilin – Zhilin, Rozhkova - Rozhkova.
For X use a combination of English letters KH: Mikhail Mikhail.
The Russian letter C in the English word becomes a combination of letters TS: Tsarev Tsarev, Vasnetsov Vasnetsov.
The letter H in English corresponds to a combination of CH: Chernoff – Chernovа, Bochkarev – Bochkarev.
Russian sh SH email: Kashin Kashin, Myshkin - Mucp.
Russian U pass four English letters SHCH: no Shchukin, soup – Borshchov.
Write proper nouns in English you will help online transliterator You only have to enter or paste in the search name and surname and the program will show conformity in English language.
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