Initially, students wrote and designed an essay by hand, carefully measuring with a ruler indents, margins, and spacing. Now, in this age of computerization, all work is performed and processed on the computer.

Before proceeding to the design of the title page of the essay, run it on your computer text editor "Microsoft Office Word" and it has the following options:
Paper size A4. To do this, in the main pane of the window that opens, go to the menu item "File" and "page setup". In the dialog that appears, select the "paper Size", in the opened list find the size of A4 and select it. To save the changes click the "OK" button. Thus, all pages of your document will be in A4 format.
Page orientation – Portrait, margins: top 2 cm, bottom 2 cm, right 2 cm and left 2.5 cm Initially perform all the same, only now under "page Settings", please open the tab "Fields". Under "Field" it is necessary to set the above values. Under "Orientation" choose the page icon, which is signed "the Book".
Interval "half". For setting the amount of space you must click on the page, right-click. On the shortcut menu, select "Paragraph". The screen will display the options dialog indents and spacing between lines. In the box under "line spacing", select "1.5 lines".
Font Times New Roman ("normal"). Select the required text on the formatting toolbar located above the text box.
Now go directly to registration. At the center of the page, starting with the first line, you must specify the name of the authority exercising powers in the field of education (Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation – it will be the same for all works), the name of the school, faculty and Department. Just below, roughly in the center of the page, spell the name of discipline for which the essay is prepared, and its name. Three intervals from the last entry to the right, enter your surname, name, patronymic, number of the group or class. The bottom of the page exactly in the center is written the city and the year of writing essay.