The final touch is the written work cover sheet. It sees the teacher in the first place, and hence, can assume what the quality of the stuffing inside. Each institution develops its own templates, so first you need to contact the Department (Dean's office, to the head teacher). In other cases, follow the General principles.
First make a frame to make it look expressive: File – page setup – paper Source – Border - Frame. Here you will adjust the color, thickness and style of frame.
Next, fill out sheet: each item on a new line:

- the name of the school;

- the name of the faculty;

- the name of the Department.

The last two points relate to the discipline, not your specialty. Skip the third page.
Write mode (report, coursework, summary) using the CapsLock key.

In the discipline of colon

On the subject of the colon.

Miss a quarter of the page.
Now we need to sign the paper and name of the teacher. On the left write: (student, prepared the group, etc.) using the Tab key, make a pass and print name. Similarly, you can add a teacher, group, class, etc. at the Bottom of the sheet note the place and year of writing.
Sometimes teachers give a mark directly on the title page. In this case it is convenient to make the line "Rating:" (on the sheet on the right) at the top or bottom third of the page. For greater clarity, write the theme of the work in bold. Your title page is ready.