Advice 1: How to make a summary in English

Writing essays is an integral part of the curriculum of any educational institution. To create a summary in their native language is quite a feasible task, but what to do if the job is to write and place an essay in English?
How to make a summary in English
You will need
  • - online dictionary.
Once you got a job, select a theme and start searching for material. For example, if your theme is "Alaska. Excursion into history" (Alaska. History), you run the query (first in Russian, then in English) in the search bar of your browser and copy all the material required for writing the essay in a separate document.

If the material is in a foreign language incomprehensible to the content or given without translation, use an online translator. The material chosen in Russian, you will also need to translate into English (use online translator or, if your knowledge in English good enough, try to do the translation yourself).
Making a summary in English, remember that the total number of pages should be 15-30 pieces in print (this includes title page, references, and main text). Print your essay on A4 paper, on one side of the sheet.
The title page of the abstract in the English language format in accordance with standard requirements. In the top center of the page write to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (Ministry of education). A few margins below (in the center), place a General topic/section (e.g., Section: Area stadies), and subtopic (e.g., Topic: The History of Alaska). Drop the cursor below a few, make the alignment on the right side and write Done by (written(a)...) your surname and name (of course also in English, for example, Irina Smirnova). The outcome of the title-page is an inscription with the city name and the year of writing the essay (for example, Moscow 2009). The inscription located in the lower part of the "titulnik", in the center of the page.
As and abstracts in Russian, abstract in English should include a table of contents, introduction, main part, conclusions, applications, and a numbered list is used when writing literature. On this basis, elaborate the content of the essay: make a rough plan of work and for each section choose any material. To facilitate his work, one essay in English and complete his literary creation exactly like the document you found on the net (in compliance with indents, font, paragraph, and spacing).
As for the headers, they specify not only pagination, but also the topic itself (in this case, The History of Alaska). Each new item (subtitle) select bold and italic. The alignment of the main text should be left-aligned.

Advice 2: How to write the name in English

To fill any form, document or questionnaire in the English language, whether it's a registration form at the hotel or money order, requires a knowledge of transliteration, that is, rules for writing proper names. Remember the English equivalents of the Russian letters, you will be able to write any name or surname in English.
How to write the name in English
Many English letters and Russian alphabet are the same sound, using these letters simply pass the name. For Example, Anna – Anna, Valentina – Valentina, Denis – Denis.
The following letters have a correspondence in the English alphabet:
AA – AA – Alina- Alina;
BB – Bb-Boris – Boris;
VV – Vv -- Vic – Victoria;
Gg – Gg -- Gosha – Gosha;
DD – Dd -- Dima – Dima;
ZZ – Zz -- Zarina – Zarina;
AI – Ii -- Inna – Inna;
KK – KK -- Ksenia - Ksenia ;
Ll – Ll -- Larissa - Larisa ;
Mm – Mm -- Maria – Maria;
NN – Nn -- Nina – Nina;
Oo – Oo-Oleg - Oleg ;
PP –Pp -- Pavel Pavel;
RR – Rr – Novel- Roman;
SS – Ss-Stepan – Stepan;
TT – Tt -- Timothy – Timofey;
Uu – Uu -- Uliana – Uliana;
FF – Ff -- Fedorov Fyodorov.
A particular difficulty with call letters not present in English alphabet. Hard and soft signs do not write at all, for example, Olga – Olga, Darya – Darya, Igor – Igor.
Pass the letter s and the letter y: Alexey Lysenko Aleksey Lysenko, Nikolay Isaykin – Nicolay Isaykin.
Instead of the endings of the third and fourth write one letter from: a wild - Luty, Dmitry - Dmitry.
The vowels e and write e same - E: Vera Lebedeva - Vera Lebedeva, Eduard - Eduard, Etkin – Etkin.
The letter E also play with the letter E: Semin – Semina, or YO, when it is necessary to emphasize the letter: Pyotr – Pyotr Fyodor – Fyodor.
Russian letter Yu say YU or JU: Yuliya – Yuliya Juliya, Yury – Yury, Jury.
The letter I write YA: Yakov – Yakov, Tatyana - Tatyana.
W pass combination ZH: Zhilin – Zhilin, Rozhkova - Rozhkova.
For X use a combination of English letters KH: Mikhail Mikhail.
The Russian letter C in the English word becomes a combination of letters TS: Tsarev Tsarev, Vasnetsov Vasnetsov.
The letter H in English corresponds to a combination of CH: Chernoff – Chernovа, Bochkarev – Bochkarev.
Russian sh SH email: Kashin Kashin, Myshkin - Mucp.
Russian U pass four English letters SHCH: no Shchukin, soup – Borshchov.
Write proper nouns in English you will help online transliterator You only have to enter or paste in the search name and surname and the program will show conformity in English language.

Advice 3: How to translate in English font

Neither Russian-speaking user of the personal computer will not be without change the keyboard layout in English font, as the Internet addresses many of the teams and nicknames written on it. Switch your keyboard to English layout will not be difficult even for an inexperienced user, and it can be done in several ways.
How to translate in English font
The easiest way to translate keyboard English font is to use specially intended for this combination. In the settings of most operating systems by default the key combination is "Alt+Shift". First press Alt, then while holding down Shift. The keyboard layout changes to English, and this change will appear on the language bar, which is located in the lower right corner of the screen, to the left of the clock. The current layout is indicated by two characters: her RU - Russian, EN - English.
To change the keyboard layout as possible, without resorting to the use of keyboard shortcuts. To activate the keyboard in English font, hover mouse on the language bar and click on it with the left mouse button. Then at the top will appear a list of all possible keyboard layouts. Hover the cursor on the line that says "EN English" and click on it with the left mouse button. The keyboard is switched to English layout.
In addition, processing of switching to the English layout can be automated. For this download software Punto Switcher. After installation the program will start to run in the background and whenever you start typing is atypical for a given language, a set of letters, the program will automatically switch the keyboard layout. This solution significantly increases the convenience of the computer.
Keyboard shortcuts for changing keyboard layout are different, they can change also in the control panel with the help of the service "Language and regional standards". As a rule, alternative keyboard shortcuts are "Left Alt+Shift", "Ctrl+Shift", "Shift+Shift".
Useful advice
If desired, the key combination used to change the keyboard layout can be changed. To do this, open "control Panel" and double click on the icon "regional and Language options". In the dialog that appears, open the tab "More" then click "keyboard Settings". In the dialog box, change settings keyboard shortcuts.

If the language bar is not displayed, go to "regional and Language options", press "More" - "Language bar" and check the box beside "Show the language bar on the desktop".
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