You will need
  • Plastic pipe, tape, scissors, balloons.
In order to make the number of balls, it is first necessary to make a skeleton. For this it is convenient to use an ordinary tube of plastic. If at hand was nothing in it except wire, as a skeleton you can use it, but plastic pipes are much better keep their shape. Run frame in the form of required numbers. If it means that the next figure should stand on the floor, it is necessary to make a stand-the base, below the figure did not fall. For a safe design it is necessary to firmly connect the main frame with stand with duct tape.
Now you can start inflating the balloons. In order to make the balls last longer and don't burst, they need a little stretch. To do this, inflate the ball, then let him some air, only then neatly tie. Try to get the balls about the same size, otherwise there may be problems in the manufacture of figures. After you inflate the required number of balls, tie them in pairs first, and then connect the four things. For this loop the two pairs together.
Most importantly, you must attach the resulting four of the balls on pre-made frame. To start doing it better from below, paying special attention to hard to reach places. First decorate the base of the structure, it is possible to use single balls, it all depends on the size of your stand. Then you can move on to the figure. Gently and evenly Obratite frame prepared in bundles on four balls. To the edge of the pipe could damage your balls, seal it with tape. On the tips of the digits it is convenient to use chords in four balls and five. That will look neater. If suddenly the balls in some places do not wish to go in the right direction, it is possible to fix them using double-sided tape.