To learn how to model different shapes of these balls is easy. Prepare long, thin balloons of various sizes, duct tape, pump, pin, scissors and a marker. Get high-quality and durable balloons that will not burst during twisting.
Using a hand pump, inflate the ball. To do this, stretch it over the tips and put an inlet on the neck of the pump. Gradually inflate the balloon by pressing on the piston of the pump. The tail of the balloon to leave uninflated, so you continue to twist. If you screw the ball completely, let him get some air. The tip of a ball tie loop.
Before you start to twist the balloon, determine the necessary size of the bubble. Twist the balloon at the neck, holding both sides of the twist with your fingers.
To secure the twisted bubbles and they do not turn, twist four bladder, and then fold along the second and third, and loop them together. Wrap the resulting strand between the first and fourth bubble. Thus, you got "lock".
In order to subdue the dog, take the ball No. 260, as well as prepare a felt-tip pen, water-based. Inflate the balloon with the hand pump, leaving some free space at the end and not inflating the last 15 cm of the ball.
Twist the balloon three elongated bubble, and connect the second and third bubbles in the castle. Separately twist a small bubble for the neck and hold it, twist the front legs in the form of two small sausages, connected to a neck lock. Align the head, neck and legs.
At a distance of 12 cm from front paws to make another twist, forming a torso, and twist two bubbles for the hind feet, connecting them with the body lock. Of the remaining parts of the world make the tail and attach it to the torso. Aqueous felt-tip pen, draw the muzzle of the dog.
On the same principle you can easily produce any other figure, by varying the size and mix of bubbles.