The profession of a psychologist is perfect for those people who want to help others to combat the difficulties. If you want to become a psychologist, remember that you should be focused on meeting the needs of its customers, only then you will be able to get comfortable and find yourself in the profession. To the profession of psychologist, you can at the pedagogical universities, as well as in multidisciplinary universities. It is worth noting that psychological education is a humanitarian and nothing to do with medicine has not, this is the main difference between a psychologist from a psychotherapist.
For admission to the psychology Department you will need to pass the exam in Russian language, mathematics and biology, in addition, it should be remembered that some universities have the right to set their own entrance examinations. The term of study for full-time students is 4 years, diploma indicates the degree of bachelor. After obtaining the scientific degree you are eligible to begin work on a specialty, however, nobody forbids you to continue studying and become a master of psychology.
First place in the ranking of the best psychological faculties of Russia is the educational division of St. Petersburg State University. Second place goes to Moscow state University, closes the three leaders of national research University "Higher school of Economics", so it is possible they should pay attention.
Among the pedagogical universities with faculties of psychology, a leader from the point of view of education quality is the Moscow city psychological-pedagogical University. If you don't want to go to the capital, but we need to get a quality education, you can apply at the St. Petersburg state pedagogical University or southern Federal University.
Also to become a psychologist, you should undergo training courses at the University, training of such specialists. On the professional training you will have to spend 9-10 months, while you have to be at least one higher education. The only disadvantage of this training is paid.