Before you do the actual selling, it would be good to know what you sell. The most important characteristics of computer are:
type and processor frequency;
- type of the motherboard;
- brand graphics card and amount of memory;
- size of memory;
- the number and size of hard drives.
To get this information either from the sales receipt that you received, buying a computer, or using a special program or the operating system. Only after receiving information about the characteristics and components of computer, can understand how much it costs.
Next, you should decide what exactly you want to sell the entire computer (system unit + monitor) or just the system unit. Usually old monitors with ray tubes (like old TVs) is now useless. Peripherals: keyboard, mouse, headphones also not listed, in contrast to the good sound system.
To understand, what price should you ask for your old computer, you can use the Internet or newspaper ads. Just look up the cost of all the most important components in computer shops. Further, depending on the service life and remaining warranty, reduce the amount in half to two times. Most likely, this will be the market price of your computer.
If you take the time, the announcement of the sale can be placed in Newspapers free ads that are in every city. Just tell specified in the paper the technical details of your machine, the desired price, and leave a contact number. Often the free ads can be renewed several times, the money it take, so that your proposal will be published in the newspaper several times in a row.
Old computer can be put up for sale on the Internet. Or in social networks, which spread information quickly, or on the numerous message boards. Do not forget to specify the city, because no one will go behind your computer for 500 kilometers. In addition, you can set the announcement of the sale on the thematic computer forums.
Finally, many of the organizations involved in the repair and resale of used vehicles, buy old computers and accessories from the population. The price in this case is likely to be lower than you thought yourself, but the sale will happen immediately. It is not necessary to carry in such a relatively buying new computers, because the difference between the expected and the offered price in this case will be quite noticeable.