Give an old printer for recycling. Bring it to a special area for debris of this kind, which later transferred to the processing company. To use this method to get rid of unnecessary printer obtained in the case, if in your city there are playgrounds and firms in this direction.
Turn in your printer within the stock, which from time to time takes place in large specialized shops of home appliances. Particularly advantageous in the case that a new model of printer you have not yet acquired. Then, passing on the stock exhaust period, the printer, you will receive a tangible discount on the purchase of a new.
Sell your old printer if it still in working condition. Place an ad to sell on the Internet in a special forum or website. Sometimes a person needs a printer, but to buy a new he had no money. For it is quite suitable variant of purchase second-hand printer for a low price.
Turn in your unwanted old printer in point of reception of old appliances for parts. A lot of money on this, you will not earn, but get rid of the device without harm to the environment. As you know, any kind of appliance contains substances that have a negative impact on the environment and human health.
If you bought a new printer and the old one has nowhere to go, throw a cry of acquaintances and friends. Certainly, among them there is someone who don't have a printer. In accepting the gift of the device, the person will thank you.
You do not need the printer to give to charity. There are special funds, organizing fees of old appliances. To find out whether you have an obsolete printer, call the organization to which you are going to make a donation. It so happens that social centers will only accept equipment that is in good working condition.